I am an experienced graphic designer, illustrator and artist providing visual design services to a range of clients across a broad scope of industry sectors. Download my pdf portfolioPDF 34Mb.

Some examples of my work

Design - Print

Brochure design for the S-Labs conference

Sample pages of a brochure showcasing the construction of a world class laboratory by Shepherd

I was employed by Shepherd to help roll out a new brand across the company. This included establishing a set of brand guidelines, and showcasing how the brand could be used across a range of collateral from brochures and flyers to site signage and vehicle livery.

Design - Print

Design - Bid support collateral

An A3 'placemat' style piece to support a tender bid for Shepherd FM

Design - Print

Design - Bid support collateral

Print collateral to support a tender bid for Shepherd FM

Design - Print

Design - Art of Perfumery

Luxury Property brochure (A4 landscape)

I designed a template for this estate agent to showcase luxury properties for sale along the Cote D'Azur. This is one example of many that I produced.

Design - Advertising

Design - Akka Limousine

A magazine advert for a limousine company

I worked with Akka over a number of years producing adverts, brochures and flyers.

Design - Branding

Branding guidelines

Example pages from a brand guidelines book

I have worked on brand projects for a range of clients from consultants and retailers to yacht brokers and estate agents.

Design – Logos

Design – Logos

Some examples of logo design

Design - Web

Design - Websites

Front end website design

I have designed and built websites for a range of clients, and worked in collaboration with development teams providing front-end design, html and css skills.

Illustration - Abstract Icons

Editorial icons

A series of illustrations designed to support a range of documentation for Accenture

Illustration - 3D

Techman Hub Poster

A 3D diagram for a poster to help explain the interaction permitted by this software solution

Illustration – Technical

Prosche Illstrations

Technical illustrations of the Porsche Panamera

I originally trained as a technical and scientific illustrator at Blackpool college.

Illustration – Hand rendering

VW seats

Some hand rendered illustrations of seat arrangements for Volkswagen

These illustrations were sketched by hand and coloured in Photoshop.

Illustration – Diagrammatic

Heat Exchange illustration

Part of a series of illustrations showing the heat exchange system in a large factory building

These illustrations used a combination of 3D rendering and Photoshop.

Illustration – Product design

Exco information panels

Some product design ideas to show live data on the energy use and emissions of a Volkswagen factory

Design – Exhibition

Yahoo exhibition stand ideas

A series of ideas for potential exhibition stands for Yahoo

Design – Exhibition

Microsoft Advertising experience

A 3D rendering of an 'experience room' for an exhibition installation design for Microsoft Advertising

I use Cinema4D and Photoshop to create these images.

Photo Retouch – Luxury Goods

Photo Retouch - Luxury watches for an auction catalogue

A before and after example of photo retouching

I worked with a team of designers retouching thousands of photos and laying out the pages of a series of auction catalogues for Antiquorum.

Design – Presentations

Design – TEMTeam

An example of presentation design done for a small Telecoms company.

Death by Powerpoint can be avoided by spending a little time applying some style and thought. I have designed presentations for a range of clients from technology companies to retail customers.

Art – Watercolour

Art - Red Berries

I enjoy painting wildlife subjects, isolating them against a clear background to emphasise the detail.

Art – Watercolour

Art - Courtyard

This is a view into the courtyard of the house I owned in France. We spent many lovely evenings drinking wine around that table.

Art – Watercolour

Art - Horse

This was a commission for a close friend who has a passion for horses.

Art – Watercolour

Art - Knocker

There are some fantastic door knockers in the Provençal villages around where I used to live. These make for a lovely study of light and texture.